Trees Provide Tremendous Value To Your Property

Trees are one of your most important landscape features. They beautify and enrich your lives throughout the year with their variety of forms, flowers, fruits, seasonal leaf colors, and bark interest.


They provide oxygen and cooling shade, and they filter out some pollutants form the air.


Trees deflect noise and wind, block unwanted views, and protect the soil from erosion. They can also reduce rain runoff by capturing and holding rainwater before it reaches the ground.

Calgary Tree Services

Pruning Services

Pruning consists of removing dead, sick, weak and undesirable branches while maintaining the characteristic shape of the tree.

Cabling & Bracing

Bracing and cabling involve solidifying two or more weak branches by installing a steel cable or steel rod from branch to branch or branch to trunk.

Tree Removal

Before taking a tree down, it is important to take into account all the obstacles within the proximity of the tree (houses, other trees, tool sheds, etc.)

Plant Health Care

Your Tree Doctor specializes in controlling insects and diseases without spray, using a trunk injection method.

Other Services


By removing dead wood, dead bark and mold from wounds, the tree is able to produce scar tissue around the wound.

Tree Diseases Control

Your Tree Doctor can help your trees to get better by pruning the disease off of your trees and doing treatments without spray to improve the resistance of your trees to insects and diseases.

Stump Grinding

Once a tree is taken down, we can remove all traces of the tree by removing the stump, allowing you to arrange your property the way you want.

Christmas Light Installation

Your TREE DOCTOR Tree Service could install your Christmas light around your Spruce or House. With our 60 feet bucket truck, the hight doesn’t matter.

Roof Snow Removal

Get that snow off of your roof before you get damages. Our professional tree climbers could climb on your roof to remove that snow safely before you get ice build up and water infiltration in your house or commercial building.

Tree Insects Control

Many insects can damage your tree in Calgary. Here is a picture of Birch leaf minor damages. Your Tree Doctor will treat your tree with systemic tree implants or micro-injection in the tree stem. The chemicals will be delivered by the tree’s own sap to prevent the damages before they occurred.

Tree and Shrubs Fertilization

Fertilization is too often neglected in the City as most people takes trees for granted believing trees will grow by themselves without access to essential nutrients. Proper fertilization will increase growth, reduce susceptibility to certain diseases and insect pests, and under certain circumstance, help reverse declining health.

Emergency Tree Pruning and Removal

When a tree is broken or fallen apart after a wind storm, snow fall or ice storm. Our experienced arborist can take care of removing the hazard safely and rapidly.

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